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Find the latest trends, deals & offers so you will never miss a chance to save.

When you reach the mall

Explore the brand using our search bar and map.

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Share Deals with Friends & Family to help them save.

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Shopping cum Dining cum Entertainment

Be the first to check-out Latest Trends, Deals & Offers, Mall & Brand Info, Restaurants and Events

App Features

Quick & Simple

Our App is user friendly, quickly downloadable and easy to use.

App Only Offers

Save more using app exclusive deals as you reach the mall.

Shortlist Items

Save your favourite deals, offers and events to visit them later.

Hand-Picked Collections

Check out personalized and curated info of hand-picked collection.

Mall Info

Search for mall info, store timings, floor details before you reach.

Deals & Offers

Lookout for ongoing deals and offers in our listed malls and markets.

Brand Store

Find your favourite brand stores and their offers as you enter the mall.


Dine into your preferred restaurants, bars and also find ongoing Events.

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